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Temporary Invitation Code Application Area for CIVITAS (English)

2013-11-02 14:18:21来自CIVITAS(CIVITAS 古典社会模拟)

This is the temporary area for CIVITAS invitation code application, for those English & other foreign speakers, before the finish of Module “People Queue”. Didn't know CIVITAS yet? See here:

Below are several rules for Newbies and code issuers:

* Please do not post invitation codes directly, or use codes posted directly;
- Generally, tutors who posted codes directly are irresponsible. Meanwhile, the codes are more likely to be used by subsidiary account user, and code issuer will be called to account in the future.
- Violators’ codes will be frozen, so the codes you get may be useless;
- At this point, whistleblowers will win extra invitation codes.

* Please do not open a subsidiary account, even if only for onlooking other cities;

* Please ask the tutor’s/applicant’s target city before use/issue the code;
- Generally, a responsible tutor will help you live through early life, tough & slight insipid. Thus a tutor of the same district will be of great help.
- After the accomplishment of Education Module, lack of effective tutor would bring more troubles, so make sure to confirm with your tutor.

* Please make sure you have a certain level of patience.

- At present, CIVITAS is still in pre-Alpha stage. If you lack the foresight or patience to it, perhaps you’d better come several months later.
- Currently we have only one dominating developer and dozens of voluntary members. Thus we may not be able to provide you a good experience as expected.
- We have only a English translation, that DOES NOT means that all our participators can communicate with you fluently. Yet we have supported filtration in Forums, you may choose to read speeches in English only, thus you may find out those who can understand or help you, in this NEW world.

Sample of Code Application Post:

Newbie ID:
How do you know CIVITAS:
The City you want to go:
Language Competence:
Self-Introduction (Optional).

Registration Procedure:
1. Register a Soobb account: 
2. Go to your email provider to confirm your email validation.
3. Visit here: to register CIVITAS.

Welcome each city posts Recommendations & Introductions Post of your own, whereas please do not post invitation codes directly. Interested newbie may contact the original poster through built-in message. If you face any trouble please contact our founder directly, with email:

Here is the CIVITAS entry:

Enjoy it. Thanks!

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2013-11-02 14:25:01来自淡淡()

Welcome to Alexander!!! With the Great Lighthouse, you will never lose your orientation! We have broad plains, flourishing port and friendly residents. Waiting for your joining us!

If you need Invitation Code, please contact me with built-in message. XDD Warmest welcome!


2013-11-02 14:28:20来自蓬莱酒(求包养的一瓶酒)

Welcome to Rome the Eternal City! I, Chiu, may help you pass the initial difficulty especially for English speakers (honestly there are only a few here), own wealth and your real estates, and establish a English speaking association here. For more details, send built-in messages to Chiu. I will be glad to provide an invitation to you.

2013-11-02 14:35:07来自程序错误(风吹鸡蛋壳,粉去人安乐)

Welcome to Rome!

Near the banks of the Tiber River, 2,700 years ago on seven hills, the foundation of Rome was laid. It is one of the most ancient cities in Europe.

Now,come and to participate in the construction of Rome!

messages me , o7

2013-11-02 14:51:10来自()

Alexandria 亚历山大港






Welcome to Alexandria, ancient Egypt!

The largest plain area in world!

Grape, Fig, Olive, Sea Fish and Freshwater Fish!

Beer, Wine, Olive Oil.

Let's get together for a feast!~~~

2013-11-02 14:58:28来自浆糊()

Welcome to CIVITAS!


2013-11-02 16:17:04来自昊子(

Ladies and gentlemen, guys and belles, I’m parisevi, the founder of Rome UBS (Financial Group), highly honored to recommend to your amazing trip for Civitas. Everyone can use a free way to interpret the own Civitas. This is Civitas world.

UBS (Financial Group) professional responsibility to provide financial services to citizens. Welcome to choose Rome, to experience Civitas together.

If you need an invitation code, please message to me.

your sincerely

2013-11-24 13:46:02来自野无际()
Welcome to Chengdu!
2013-11-30 08:28:56来自0o煌o0(托管中 静待回归 勿扰)
Welcome to Luoyang!
2013-12-02 21:22:48来自千反田爱瑠()


This game seems quite interesting and I really wanna have a try. The scenario planning reminded me of many very passionate civilization or e-republic games. Fantastic

2013-12-03 11:59:00来自Ji4ming2()

to English-users,

If you have problem in understanding Tutorials and Notifications in game, the responsibility of which probably goes to me, please send me an in-Soobb message. I'll try to explain and to modify the text of english version if I can.

And to send an in-Soobb message, please move your cursor/mouse over my id which is in different color(blue) to plain texts(black) and press Send Message / "私信". And in the automatical following page, my id would in a text box right to "收件人". Fill in the large text box right to "内容" to tell me your problems and questions.


2013-12-07 11:57:31来自Dream4ever()

Hey boss, when will you open Crete?

2013-12-16 14:28:50来自无谓不争()

Welcome to Changan!Welcome to CIVITAS!

2013-12-17 14:40:06来自粽子先森()

Welcome if you have the interest to join in us ,plz mail me! i will send you code!

2013-12-18 01:05:43来自Nevis()

How do you know CIVITAS: JUST KNOW IT
The City you want to go: Ceret
Language Competence: English
Self-Introduction (Optional). Handsome

2014-01-02 13:01:32来自Nouzan()

Newbie ID:Nouzan
How do you know CIVITAS:Friend.
The City you want to go:Greece
Language Competence:English
Self-Introduction (Optional).I love this type.